Gamebox is white label solution of the games portal page that can be seamlessly set and integrated anywhere fast and same time it is also games distribution and publishing platform for game developers.

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For website owners Gamebox is:

For game developers our Gamebox is:

The special side of our product is the following: it is absolutely automatic tool that allows game developers seamlessly upload their game into our network via their own admin site that they get to after registration and on the other side it also allows owners of the websites or any other enthusiasts to easily set games portal and integrate it either just like a simple widget with the embed code in any part of the website or a bit different way - on domain or subdomain as absolutely independent games section or site. There are also customization settings available that allow to make games portal look just as native content matching design and style. And everyone can also find analytics dashboards and revenue reports in their admin sites, making the process always clear and transparent. At this point, we can say for sure, that we're the only one platform that is absolutely automatic and transparent for both of these roles if to talk about competitors who also work in these two directions. By providing these two roles Gamebox as a simple and automatic tool, we allow everyone to get what they need: when game developer uploads the game it becomes available then in the list of all the games that owners of the games portals can then choose from. For example, if I have a football website, I can select just football games. If I have set hardcore gaming portal, I can select just hardcore games. Nothing prevents me though from using the entire library. For game developers they become "publishers" of their games providing the traffic and ads monetization (if the owner of the website integrates games portal on their website or blog, typically around 15-20% of users become users of the games portal itself - here is where free traffic is). By uploading the game just ones, game developers still get access to constantly growing network of such games portals created via Gamebox and have more of chances to find their loyal audience.

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