The Skies - Captivating combination of FPS and MMO

Are you ready to immerse into real virtual world? PVP and TVT, self-developing economy, non-linear storyline and dialogue system, trading, exchange, robbing, clan wars and everything you could or couldn't imagine is now in this new post-apocalyptic world with the glimpse of desert romance.

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The SKIES is joining the world game industry not as a typicall MMORPG that users got used to seeing. It has elements of FPS and RPG that are customized to fit the huge multiplayer open game world.

The main aim of the developers is to build a complicated multi-level economic system which entirely depends on players' actions. In this world production and profit-making is totally different from the threadbare games players are used to, these systems are more convenient for a player and at the same time they make the game world richer and more captivating. Do you want to get resources or produce materials? Manage your own business or work at the factory? You can start your own production, hire people and manage them, hand out wages. You're free to do anything you like.

Another aim is to create interesting dialogues based on the game role system.

If you character's intellectual abilities are not well-developed, some options would be unavailable for you. So you character should watch his actions and words to have positive attitude of other characters. If you have bad reputation, people won’t trust you.

We don't want to create just another MMORPG or another "shooter". The SKIES is a desert romance, where every player will find his place. This game has various unique locations, characters, places. This is really a living world. And this is what our developers are working on. That's hard, but it's worth all the efforts.

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