EFORB. How it all started and where it all takes us?

Perhaps, there are some common stages in the live of every startup…

Eforb was found almost two years ago and started with a small team   … today there are around 50 people on board including freelancers and the whole studios we collaborate with.

Everyone recollects the time when Eforb has just appeared with a smile on their faces. What made us the self-sufficient startup with the clear vision of the roadmap and the products that we’re so proud of?

EFORB has started with the development of business social network to help entrepreneurs and customers to get in touch with each other easily, enjoying direct person-to-person communication and business opportunities (here is how the company’s name appeared: Everything FOR Business).

Later on EFORB opened games department and accumulated around 30 html5 and unity games. And of course, we were trying to self-publish them, publish and distribute with the help of partners, we were gathering statistics, making mistakes and learning.

This was valuable experience that helped to get us closer to the bigger and more ambitious projects that we’re currently concentrated on. The company still keeps working in these two directions: social applications and games.

The library of html5 and unity games has grown into Gamebox- games publishing and distribution  platform connecting website owners and game developers and allowing everyone to benefit from mutual collaboration: website owners are provided with the fast way to integrate games portal and select games from library; game developers – with easy and fast way to self-publish game and get traffic.

The business social network has grown into “ineed” – social marketplace of products and services providing the opportunities to find only reliable products and services based on recommendations of your friends as well as easy and fast way to establish contacts and promote your own services and goods.

The desire to create great games has grown into the huge and ambitious project – “The SKIES” –  unique combination of FPS and MMORPG in the open world with the self-developing economy, PVP, TVT, clan wars, trading, exchange, non-linear dialogues system and quests that allow everyone to have their own path and immerse into beautiful 3D world of amazing post-apocalyptic locations.

The experience in development casual games on unity and html5 has helped to create two cross-platform hits reaching their final state that will be soon launched on the mobile platforms, Facebook and Steam. Thanks to the strong support of the leading publishers in this area we expect these games to reach great results and make another one boom.

When someone asks us: “So, guys, what do you do at EFORB?” and when we tell about the products, the next question is typically “Wow, everything is so different! Why?”

Being startup we had our thorny path of “tryings” and “learnings”, searching for something that would bring us first of all moral satisfaction, understanding of our place and how we could contribute into this world and make it a better place with something that we love to do most of all.

And we got this understanding. We grew up as a team:

-from casual game developers to Games publishing and distribution platform with the white label games portal solution.

-from developing small casual games to working with the experienced and great publishers in this area.

-from first, not satisfying attempts in building business social network to creating ineed – unique in its segment social marketplace of products and services that can be trusted, because they are recommended by friends.

-from the dream to create really living, interesting and capturing game world to The Skies, that doesn’t have any analogues.