Let the Cat in – A Game or Social Action Project?

Kennesaw, US, August 28th – Eforb launches it’s Let the Cat in game, truly one of the kindest and cutest games in the casual arcade and puzzle genre, available for iOS and Steam.

Let the Cat in is logic game about little kittens that you need to help get into the house. The player’s task is to arrange all the things and mechanisms inside the house for creating fantastic chain reactions, in order to open the door, let kittens come in and reach their favorite basket. Once the aim is reached, they can finally cuddle and fall asleep. The mechanic is interesting and quite rare for the games, it reminds Goldberg Machine, but in a very cute interpretation.

Even despite of the fact that developers of Let the Cat in were mainly targeting casual gamers, it didn’t leave indifferent Steam Community and received Greenlight and great support there. After such wonderful news developers tried to do their best not to make Steam Community wait long for the game they voted for and now it is ready to meet all the lovers of logic games and cats on this platform.

What does this game offer? The atmosphere in the game is really pleasant and full of positive emotions thanks to beautiful 3D art and animations. If you want to raise your mood, Let the Cat in is here to help. See how your kittens are playing together and cuddling. You can even play a little bit with them by dragging and dropping every kitten with your finger or by caressing the one to make it purr. Well, along with this feature (which is supposed to melt the hearts of all the players, even those who didn’t like casual games and cats before) of course, the main game play is still around the logic levels. You need to rack your brain in order to create right chain and collect all the stars. The levels get harder and it becomes real challenge to pass them. However, when you finally do this, there are no limits to satisfaction. What’s the reward? While passing the levels you collect the stars and can exchange them on various cool stuff for your kittens, such as accessories, colors or the additional kittens. And that’s not all: after the bonus levels all your kittens will dance for you. New bonus level – new amazing dance. This looks so fun and cute that you’ll want to return even just to see them dancing again and again.

Developers have put into this game all their love and care and decided that they can do even more to make this world a better place. They’ve asked Petfinder Foundation to collaborate with them and signed the agreement about donating 15% of the revenue to help homeless animals. That’s not a big deal, but they hope that the main thing we all learn is that everyone can do something to help those who need us and it is not difficult at all. Players will also become more aware about the problem of homeless animals and together we will contribute to solving this problem globally.
“We’ve always wanted to create the products that could make this world a better place. So, even when we’ve been working on this casual game, we couldn’t allow it to be just another one game. Whatever we do, we try to do something special and innovative and put all our care into it. This helped us to grow as a team: from casual game developers to Games publishing and distribution platform with the white label games portal solution. From developing first casual games to working with the experienced and great publishers in this area. From the dream to create really living, interesting and capturing game world to The Skies, the new captivating MMORPG coming soon that doesn’t have any analogues. From Let the Cat in logic game to social action project. That’s who we are,” said Director of EFORB Anton Ustimenko.

About Eforb:

Based in Ukraine and US, Eforb is an independent game studio focused on developing rich and engaging cross-platform games in HTML5 and Unity3D. Eforb is led by industry veterans with deep experience in developing cross-platform games. With over 30 games in the market to date, Eforb is a proven studio with an established and talented team. Additionally, Eforb is the creators of Gamebox product, a leading global game distribution and publishing platform. For more information, visit https://eforbgamebox.com.


iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/let-the-cat-in-free/id876323526?mt=8 

Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogPu9u_LnRQ

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/369400

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