Full stack development

Our team has extensive experience in the development of web applications, as well as in the field of the gaming industry. Our specialists have released not one dozen successfully produced projects.
Eforb specialists are ready to provide with a full range of services related to the development of web applications.
 Long-term experience of the team allows us to solve a variety of tasks at a high professional level:
1 Assistance in writing a clear technical requirements specification and project documentation
2 Server
3 Network and environment hosting
4 Data Modeling
5 Thinking through business logic
6 API layer / Action layer / MVC
7 User Interface
9 Unit tests
10 Continuous integration
11 Awareness of vulnerability and its elimination

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Eforb Full Stack Development


When you need to perform a project no matter whether it is big or not you are definitely going to need full stack developer or a team of proficient coders to complete the project. Eforb company has a professional team of programmers able to deal with any task no matter how hard it is. However, it would be a good idea to know more about full stack development before making a decision.

Why Do You Need Full Stack Developer?


Full stack developers are able to complete the whole project on their own. Having such a developer allows you to get an access to a person or a company that views the whole picture and thus can make more valuable insights concerning the product.


Eforb Full Stack Developer Advantages


Our company can guarantee that once you deal with us the piece of software you need to be produced will be delivered in the perfect condition with all necessary post-production services that are needed to update and maintain it.


When to Hire Full Stack Web Developer?

In case you have a big project you want to give on outsource - this is the write answer. If it is about website than you need a full stack web developer able to complete all the modules of your website on his own.


Full Stack Web Development Issues


However, when coming to web development there are many issues to be solved. For example, it is extremely important to provide:


  • outstanding design
  • high usability rate
  • prompt load speed
  • ideal performance
  • wide functionality


All of the given above can only be performed and delivered by the sophisticated team of designers. It is important to note that you also need to make sure there is a proper hosting provider chosen and all the server-client issues are solved properly. And that is why full stack programmer would become a valuable asset for your project.



What Is Full Stack Programming?


The main idea is that full stack programmer works cross-functionally with a complete stack of technologies, both with Front-end and with Back-end. The idea of full stack development has appeared in the Facebook company a few years ago.


The operation with a server and client part of the website opens more opportunities. So full stack developer should understand both server and a client part of the website/software equally well.


However, there is a judgement that it is hard to be equally good in two areas it is better to concentrate on one field.


Usually full stack the developer works on a server part of the website/software and understands front-end to development that allows to control the client-side processes.


To illustrate complexity of such development it is necessary to understand several points:

  • the shortage of special tools
  • dependence on the client or the project


Full stack developers must know and have an idea of how software works: settings and configurations of the server to revitalize design by CSS or JavaScript. Using these tools, the developer defines a client and server part of the website/software and is responsible for the made decisions and tangentially selected technologies. Such developer is responsible for operation of the website and for what happens to the user on the website: load time of the website, its structure and interactivity.


There are a certain requirements any developer]shall correspond. For example, he has to pay special attention to details, have fast learnability, be interested in new technologies, be able to an effective solution of any problem arisen and have good communication skills as well as possess an ability to inform and reason new ideas and work in a team.


However, that is not what you have to be concerned about as we provide you with the ready piece of software no matter what.