The Key to Customer’s Paradise – What it is Like Today?

Working on ineed product, we’ve been asking this question many times. And it’s not surprising, without the answer to this question, ineed wouldn’t be what it is now.

So how does the modern shopping process work?

What do you usually do when you are in need of any service or product?

The answer must be obvious. Today the best solution is online retail stores. You may also ask for help on your social pages. Or google for the needed products and services. Whatever it is, it seems that digital solutions are the most convenient ones.

According to the statistics, online shopping is constantly growing:

This positive growth has been quite steady starting from the birth of web solutions and it’s not surprising.
But don’t you feel that there is something we miss nowadays?

Think about this: what do you usually do when you’re urgently in need of something??? How fast can these ways help you to find what you’re searching for? And how reliable are these search results in reality?

Have you noticed that every day our requirements get higher and we miss a new approach in online shopping? We want to get everything and now. Have you realised that selling spaces, as such, no longer satisfy customers’ demands? Impersonal way of selling is working itself out…
People don’t want to search any more. They want a system that can suggest products and services depending on their personal interests and needs. What’s more, people want this system to be human-like, reliable and responsive to their demands and urgent problems.

Considering the tendency, it’s a high time to open a new page in history of online shopping. And ineed is a system able to give you exactly what you need. Based on recommendations of your circles of contact. Fast. Reliable.

How does it work?

Tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell who you are. A person’s circle of contacts can help to get concrete suggestions of certain products and services. System learns your story of preferences and suggests the products and services you’re most likely to be interested in. And that’s not all. You can easily post your ineed alert, share it and be sure that you’ll get recommendations from reliable people you can trust. Isn’t it the way to customers’ paradise? And on the other hand, isn’t it the key to success for sellers who can now get only the most loyal customers for the products and services they offer? This harmonic combination is going to open a new epoch in history of e-commerce… And we’re looking forward to make it possible with ineed service.

Just few weeks are left till the official launch of open beta testing. Really curious to see how customers as well as business react on ineed. :)