Play. Win. Repeat.

There are 50 players spawned at location. When you're in lobby you can start playing in group of 4 people maximum.

There are 7 shelters on location. Every shelter has from 1 to 3 rescuing capsules (randomly).

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You have 30 minutes to open shelters (find and set up 2 batteries), get into the capsule and become rescued from the storm.

Everyone starts the game with the same stats. Everyone needs to get/collect the weapons, armors, batteries which are spawned randomly during the process of game.

About project

There is just one aim - to survive in capsule but everyone can have their own strategy to achieve this.

There is no inventory in the game. The character needs to carry everything. It is allowed to put on two primary weapons (rifles, guns, shotguns) and two secondary weapons (pistols). The other weapon can be put on only if you replace the one that you already have on yourself. Bullets and medical kits do not have weight and can be added to inventory in any quantity.

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Intershelter Free Online Shooting Game

Intershelter action shooting game was developed by the Eforb development team and from now on it has become a wonderful example of the shooter with both outstanding mechanics and design.

How to Play This Shooting Game for Free?


It is rather easy to play shooting games today - all you need to do is to have a mouse (it is not very convenient to play using touchpad) and keyboard and a bit of understanding how to shoot and run.


This free shooting game is a valuable asset due to the advanced controlling , well-designed appearance and wonderful balance that allows to play hours. It is not surprising that each person who has at least once tried to play this game desired to download the shooting game.


What This Free Zombie Shooting Game Is About

This PC shooting game is all about the survival and making it possible to reach hideout in less than 30 minutes. This shooting game unblocked can be played by several players at once online - which makes it even more interesting.


Playing Intershelter Shooting Game Online


The best shooting game is intended to be totally online friendly and that is what you can say freely about Intershelter. This shooting gun game is the best time killer ever and moreover it can take hours from you to play this game and get satisfied with the mechanics and gameplay.


How to Download Online Shooting Game Intershelter

This shooting game was free during the testing period, and now you can download shooting game on Steam. It is totally worthy as such post-apocalyptic games are always of high demand.


If you are not sure whether you really want this best shooting game to be downloaded give it a chance for a couple of minutes - if you have played less than 2 hours you always can get your money back in Steam.

How to Choose the FPS Shooting Game Developer?


If you want to get the shooting zombie game to be developed for you, you are free to contact the Eforb team client service and discuss the options. We have a huge experience in development of games of different genres and our best shoot games are downloaded by users all over the world.


How Realistic Shooting Game Should Be?


If the game is not about a fantasy or far future the new shooting game should be as realistic as possible. All you can do is decrease the amount of cruelty of game - however, you have to do this carefully as there is a risk such an action can make the game worse especially if it is the shooting game multiplayer.


However, for shotgun shooting games it is vital to be a bit realistic as it is a special weapon with a unique effect.


How to Develop Shooting Mission Game?


In computer game shooting is one of the main elements of gameplay, so if you can not shoot the man in the game you have to offer something more valuable, otherwise no one will choose such an entertainment.


Although CS:GO remains to be the most wanted shooting game you still can not deny the fact there are many other games of the same genre are evolving like Warface or the rapidly developed PUBG.


How to Make the Best Shooting Game on PC?


You only need to deal with the best developer - then there are high chance you will get a masterpiece in the end of collaboration. Any shooting gun game should be unique and a bit similar to others (it means it should possess the best parts and elements of the most successful games).


And it is hard to image successful first person shooting game online without the newly Royale Battle mode implemented. Even the industry leaders promise to make it real at last, so this has became the new standard that surely has to be maintained for the new products released.


Otherwise it will be hard to call the product you have manufactured the best shooting game on PC.