Mahjong fairy tiles

Real 3D.

Set off on a magical adventure and solve beautiful 3D Mahjong puzzles on the way!

You find a mysterious mah-jong set in the attic and find a magical spirit trapped inside! Now it’s time to go to a far off land full of adventure with her at your side!

Mahjong Fairy Tiles features hundreds of amazing 3D puzzles to complete in a variety of environments and styles. Swipe the screen to move around the puzzle to find that elusive matching tile!

Mahjong Fairy Tiles takes place in a beautiful, vibrant and colourful world with jungles, snowy mountains and more! Where will be next on your adventure? Connect with Facebook and watch as your friends progress through their own Fairy Tale!

Use a variety of puzzle solving power-ups to help if you get stuck! Watch as the magic unfolds on screen with the help of your trusty companion!

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Eforb Free Mahjong Game

Here in Eforb we are ready to manufacture as many Mahjong games for sale as you need. It has to be mentioned that Chess, checkmates and other board games are not so popular like free online game like Mahjong, and we are sure that it can bring much profit to that owner.

How We Make Online Mahjong Game?

When you need Eforb to manufacture Mahjong game online we discuss the details in the most comfortable way to find out the details - as there are many variations of this entertainment available so we do not want to make another one piece of software that is similar to the existent one.


Actually we have a team of proficient developers that copes with this task on a permanent basis - we release such a games in enormous quantities so that won’t be the problem for us to make another one.

How to Earn on Free Game of Mahjong?

The free online game of Mahjong is a real time killer. User can sit and play this game for hours which means he will bring traffic to you and traffic is always being a great source of income if you manage to place relevant ads.


You also can run affiliate programs or include microtransactions that will increase your profit significantly as earning only on the ads launched by the Google or any other context ads service won’t bring you much per a viewer due to the simple fact usually such players do not pay much attention to the commercial ads or just turn those off so the target reach and user engagements becomes minimal. It is better for you as a businessman to choose other type of monetization if you want to succeed.


How to Promote Mahjong Games Online for Free?


If you want your free Mahjong game online to gain popularity you need to promote it rapidly. However, we can deal with that on our own as we have a huge experience in promotion, SEO and PR, so it is better to delegate this task to our team of professionals.


Actually we will place the commercials of this game everywhere and show the players all the advantages of the version we have released together. In the result of such a campaign you will gain a sustainable flow of players no matter what.

How to Get The Best Mahjong Game?


The Mahjong online free game  can only be called the best if it is performed ideally - both the general appearance and the technical should be perfect. So you need to be sure that the theme and style of the game is chosen correctly as it can affect the number of players dramatically. 

How to Order Mahjong Game for PC?

If you want to order the Mahjong computer game from the best manufacturer you only need to contact us as the Eforb team client service is always ready to provide the service no matter how hard the task is. You need to make sure you know what you want as there can be various options for completing the software - it depends on the type of the client you choose:


  • browser game
  • app for the social network
  • client game
  • a big game on the basis of the subject


Depending on the option you choose the development process will very significantly. It has to be mentioned that the Eforb company can deal with any option due to the fact we have it all to provide both web service, social network applications or a big game as we have a vast experience on completing various groups of software.


Actually the Mahjong computer game could be either better or worse option than the application for iPhone or Android as this is usually played to kill some time when you are in road trip or you have nothing to do and if you are sitting in front of the personal computer display there could be many other more interesting things to do if only you are not a fan of this board game. Anyway, it would be a good idea to contact our development team if you need reliable and stable version of the Mahjong flash game.