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Smarty is an smart trading social network for direct purchases and sales of various goods and services. Smarty service provides the opportunity to sell and buy goods and services in a mobile application and on the site. Smarty will allow you to have access to affordable products, both in a regular online store and on the Internet.
- Form your community of buyers from friends and acquaintances.
- Expand your network of customers-buyers, using the placement in the news feed on the main screen of the application.
- Sell online easily and quickly on the mobile and on the site.
- Choose and buy goods at a convenient time for you and in a convenient place!
- Receive news about new products of famous and favorite stores in the mobile online application in a convenient format of news feed.

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Eforb Project Development


When you need any piece of software or web service to be performed dealing with Eforb would be the best decision just because we have an experience team of professionals capable to complete perfectly any kind of project.

Why Do You Need Project Developer?


When you need to complete app development project, or construct a website, design a game or add an animation to your video content there is a bunch of tasks necessary to complete for the goal to be achieved. And that is when you need sophisticated manager that possible to provide that in specified terms - doing that on your own will distract you from the main business processes you are liable for.


How to Choose Web Project Development Company?


It is rather easy to do especially if you know what kind of project has to be performed. Usually it is better to deal with the companies of the full cycle like Eforb company for example as we can provide you with any piece of software or project that is needed to be completed.

Why to Choose Eforb Professional Project Development Services?


Our project support team has maintained and completed hundreds of projects and there is not a singly unsatisfied client. No matter whether we were engaged in application design or game development - we have always operated on the peak of efficiency.

Advantages of Eforb Android Project Development


If you want to provide your users an outstanding and perfect Android app you only need to contact our client service and formulate the task - the remaining will be performed by our technicians that are capable of completing applications that would be in future downloaded and used by the millions of users all over the world.

Why Should You Take Project Development Services on Outsource?

Project development can be rather tricky task - the thing is any project is subdivided on many little tasks performed by various departments in various ways. And if you keep the project inside your company structure you will get an enormous amount of work and merely impossible to to on time business processes. However, if you bring the project to the outsource company you will only have to formulate the task and wait until it is completed. If it is completed and meets the requirements prescribed in the agreement you can accept or give it back if not.


So this is a good way to save your managerial resources.

Should I Manage Web Development Projects on My Own?


Project management support is something you need to get practiced in otherwise you won’t get any good results - the thing is managing the project is a tough task and there are many opportunities to make a mistake a novice manager will use. However, when there is an experience taken there are much less chances to make silly mistakes that may lead to the loss of millions of dollars, that is why it is better to deal with experienced project managers instead of performing that on your own.


Is It better to Hire for Development Project Management Freelancer?


Hiring a freelancer can be a good idea for some small and not very important projects. but usually it is a burden you wouldn’t like to take. The thing is proficient project management is all about following business processes and freelancer is likely not to know a thing about the business processes you have and he cannot also to bring a team with him while an agency can.

What Is Project Development Group?

Eforb is such a group capable of leading several various projects at once and it is a good idea to delegate the complex tasks to such organizations if you are waiting for gathering a good result, not the hours of work.

International Project Development Issues

It is rather hard to lead cross-boundary projects if having no experience - for example, part of our specialists are remote workers so we can provide completeness for any kind of international project as well as the local project.

How To Calculate Project Development Cost?


In order to calculate that you only need to compound all the costs counting working hours, salary and material resources used. Usually you also have to consider the alternative costs and opportunities you lose or get during the work, so it can be complicated task to provide a proper calculation.

Do You Need Project Support Services?


After the work is done most of the companies end with it. However, we usually provide proficient post-production services and we can also provide you with project support after it is being completed.