Ultima quest system

Ultima Quest System is a universal system that allows to create quests and dialogues easily.

Download manual Ultima_Quest_System.pdf


No restrictions:

Ultima Quest System is based on a node system and is very easy to use. Flexible architecture allows to create a huge variety of all sorts of conditions, dialogues and triggers.

Visual editor:

Minimal use of the code, all work is in a convenient visual editor.
Embody the fantasy in a convenient and easy UI.

Save and load system:

Quest journal and event system will provide convenient functionality for setting of any quest logic, as well as saving and loading them.

Dialog editor:

Includes a full-fledged dialog editor that allows to create simple, complex and condition-dependent dialogs.

Full support:

Detailed documentation with visual images.
Several variants of the most common mechanics in the examples.
Full source code.

Supported Unity version:

Package has been submitted using Unity 2017, Unity 2018

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