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Eforb Creating Games Studio

Creating games online is a tough task not all can cope with. However, that is not for the Eforb company dedicated to provide you outstanding client services and develop any piece of software you want to see.

Creating a Video Game Let The Cat In


When creating an app game it is very important to make sure you make all for it to be valuable for customers like we have made for the Let The Cat In. Especially, when you are creating a game in Unity one of the most advanced engines and environments ever developed for the mobile app devices.

How Game Creating Process Looks Like?

Creating a multiplayer game is a demanding process. For the first the game mechanics is being created, then the multiplayer part. And although it may sound easy, in the real life it really demands from all the team members maximum of concentration.

Creating a Game Character

This is one of the most important parts in video game creating as the characters make it look attractive. Even with the outstanding gameplay and mechanics there is no chance to get a good piece of entertainment if there are no well-script characters that add more authentic atmosphere and interesting details when you are obligated to feel solidarity with characters.


What Is The Difference When Creating Indie Game of Different Genres?


Creating computer games by the means of big companies on branded subjects has always being a good recipe to success if done properly. However, when creating a flash game by the means of one manufacturer you are out to become an indie developer with a potential to manufacture the outstanding game without the million dollar budget.

Creating Games for Girls


Girls prefer to care and creating an online game for girls is a hard task when it comes to creation of adorable character the kid would be fond of caring of. Most of the apps for girls are associated with dolls, cats and unicorns (witches sometimes) those are the settings that fit the target audience the most.

Creating City Games


Some of the players want to act as the city managers so Tycoon class software is a must have in a list of the entertainments in your market or on your website. So make sure there is good strategy and interesting gameplay mechanics with a potential to outcome as a multiplayer.

Creating Anime Games


Anime is one of the popular cartoon genres and the games on its basis are popular as well. It would be a good idea to use some kind of a series and attract more attention with using a famous piece of art name in your application.

Creating Board Games


Those are time killers with usually big amount of loyal audience that is ready to play for hours when waiting in queue, being in the middle of the road trip or just having spare time in office, so development of such a game is likely to be a good idea especially if the gameplay is proficient.

Creating Educational Games

Some games are tend only to entertain while others were developed either to make one find out something new about this world. Such a project would become successful if you manage to find the right balance between the entertainment and education.

Creating Cars Games


Racing is popular since the first controller was released so having a racing application for mobile device or browser one for the desktop version would be nice especially if you manage to find out a good subject.

Creating Avatar Games

The famous movie released by James Cameron is still a good source of traffic, so developing a project on the subject will do the main - attract attention and then all you have to do is to manage to retain the traffic.

Creating Games for Kids

Little kids like beautiful and simple entertainments, so it is rather easy to make them satisfied if there are explosions and many action there.


Common Things of Building and Creating Games of All Genres


One common thing for any project is the necessity to formulate a task as clear as possible. And also it has to be managed that creating online games is a challenge no matter how simple is the game mechanics.